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Print it Out, e-mail it to friends.
Print out your new look and take it to show to your hairdresser, or put it in a greeting card .
Save it in PICT or JPEG format and put it on your home page, or e-mail it to your friends.
Use your mobile phone.
Using Change My image you can save your new look in various sizes suited for sending by mobile phone. Send your photo to friends and give them a surprise.
Usable image sizes and file formats vary according to manufacturer. Check with your mobile phone's maker for details.

Interchangeable Interface
Change My image comes with three different interface skins, which you can can change according to your mood. Extra skins can be downloaded from Infinisys's home page.

Nomal interface
The default interface. Like the sky as seen from a high-flying jet.
Denim interface
As the name suggests, this interface is done in a denim pattern.
Sky interface
Sky Blue
Gives the feeling of swimming through deep blue water.

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