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Tailor your message to suit each individual recipient

It takes a lot of effort to send out an e-mail to a large number of people. And trying to personalize each mail to fit every individual recipient is even harder.
With Mail Magic 2 you can use data imported from other applications (such as spread sheets and databases) or inputted directly using Mail Magic 2's database functions, to automatically personalize each and every e-mail you send out . Mail Magic's database can hold up to 30,000 records holding up to 10 fields each.

As well as e-mail addresses, you can also insert individual data directly into the main text of your mails, allowing you to automatically send out mails which are tailored to each individual recipient. Mail Magic 2's database functions make it easy to handle individual data records and fields in a practical and efficient manner, providing the perfect solution for myriad business tasks such as sending out mails to registered customers.
Powerful database functions
Delete Duplicate Data
You can search for duplicate data in any field, and if found you can choose to delete that record or not. As searching large numbers of records one at a time can become time consuming, you can also use Mail Magic 2's automatic duplicate delete function to automatically remove duplicate data, such as e-mail addresses.
Direct Data Input
Mail Magic 2's database functions allow you to edit, add to and delete imported data, or input data directly, without using data created by other applications. You can also sort your data by any field which you choose.
Merge Separate Databases.
By importing different databases one after another you can merge them together into a single database.

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