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Convenient address book and email merge function

Address book and email merge

Mail Magic Personal lets you automatically insert the information (names, special messages etc) from the address book into the body of the text in your HTML or plain text email. This makes it easy to send personalized greeting cards and messages to everybody on your mailing list. The address book can hold up to 1,000 records with ten information items for each record.

Inserting address book data into your mails

After you have put all the information required into your address book (either by entering the data directly or importing from another application such as Outlook Express) you simply select the positions in the main body of the email text where you want the personalized information to be automatically inserted.

For example, if you are sending out Christmas cards to one hundred or so of your friends and relatives, you could create one standard design and message, and then automatically insert the names, style of greeting (Hi, Dear, Hello, My darling etc), special message or any other information you want to use.

Create different address books for different groups

You can create and save different address books for different groups of people such as friends, family, work related etc. This can save you a lot of time and trouble when sending out greeting cards and messages.

Address book features

You can create your address books either by entering the data directly from the keyboard into Mail Magic Personal, or by importing data from other applications. If you are using Outlook Express or some similar mail software that allows you to export your email address book data, then you can easily import the address book into Mail Magic Personal and use it without having to reenter the same data all over again.

You can also import data created by other software such as word processors or spreadsheets. Mail Magic Personal can import either comma separated (csv) or tab separated data files.

You can enter and edit data in the address book, as well as sort and filter the data to pick up only those people you want to send to. You can also check for duplicate mail addresses and invalid mail addresses (e.g. addresses that don't contain "@").

Send check function

When sending out emails problems often crop up which prevent some mails being sent properly. The address book has a "Send check" field for each record, which tells you whether the mail was sent without any problem. If some mails couldn't get sent for some reason you can try sending only those mails again later on.

Main Features


Easily create HTML mails

Follow the easy to understand instructions in the HTML wizard to create your very own attractive HTML emails.

Convenient address book and email merge function

Automatically merge information from the address book into the text of each email.

Templates and clip art

8 categories of HTML email templates and over 200 items of ready to use clip art.

List of functions

List of features.

Product requirements and Purchase

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Product requirements and Purchase

Demonstration version download

The demonstration version is fully functional except it limits the number of mails you can send at one time to two, and comes with only a small number of HTML templates.

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