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Easily create HTML mails

HTML mail template wizard

The HTML mail template wizard makes it easy for anyone to create HTML emails by following the simple step-by-step on-screen instructions. No knowledge of HTML is necessary.

Mail Magic Personal comes with over 130 templates divided into 8 categories, and you can modify the designs by inserting your own graphics, or choosing graphics from the over 200 items of clip art provided. In addition you can set the background to the color or pattern of your choosing.

You can also input your own messages and set the font, size, color and style of the text.

Graphic editing

Mail Magic Personal's HTML mail wizard lets you insert the graphics of your choice into the templates provided. However the graphic you want to use might not be the right size or proportions to fit in the space you want it to go in. To help you out at times like this, Mail Magic Personal has a special graphic editing window which lets you resize, position and trim the graphics you want to use.

Just resize and position the graphic to your liking within the frame in the graphic editing window, and your graphic will be automatically trimmed to fit in the space in the HTML mail design. You can also set the color of the background.

In addition BMP files will be automatically converted to JPEG format, to allow them to be used in the HTML email.

Inserting information from your address book

In order to create automatically personalized mails that are different for each recipient, you can merge information from your address book into the text of your HTML or plain text email. For example, if you have a "Greeting" item and a "Name" item in your address book, you could automatically vary the greetings for each person receiving mails, e.g. Dear John, Hi Sally, My darling Deborah etc. All you have to do is indicate the position in your mail where you want each address book item to be automatically inserted.

Plain text mail

Of course Mail Magic Personal allows you to send and merge data into plain text emails as well as HTML mails. You can therefore send mail to those whose mail software does not support HTML mail, as well as to mobile phones.

Main Features


Easily create HTML mails

Follow the easy to understand instructions in the HTML wizard to create your very own attractive HTML emails.

Convenient address book and email merge function

Automatically merge information from the address book into the text of each email.

Templates and clip art

8 categories of HTML email templates and over 200 items of ready to use clip art.

List of functions

List of features.

Product specifications, Purchase

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Product requirements and Purchase

Demonstration version download

The demonstration version is fully functional except it limits the number of mails you can send at one time to two, and comes with only a small number of HTML templates.

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