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Greeting cards and illustrated messages by email. HTML email merge software "Mail Magic Personal for Windows"

Send All Your Greeting Cards Using HTML Email

Are you still sending Christmas and greeting cards by snail-mail? Save time and money by sending all your greeting cards, invitations etc by email. Mail Magic Personal lets you easily create your very own greeting card HTML emails, with graphics, photographs and decorative text.

Mail Magic Personal's address book and email merge function make it easy to send personalized HTML and text emails to all your friends and relatives.

Mail Magic Personal is just the thing for sending

  • Party invitations, Halloween cards, Saint Valentine's Day cards
  • Christmas cards, birthday cards, New Year's greeting cards
  • Personal newsletters to your far away friends and relatives
  • Notifications of office meetings and events
  • Wedding and birth announcements
  • "We've Moved" cards
  • Any kind of greeting card, news or announcement that you want to send to a large group of people.

Main Features

Easily create HTML emails

Using the HTML mail wizard anybody can quickly and easily create their own HTML mail. Just choose the layout you like from the over 200 templates and then insert your own graphics and text.
If you don't want to be bothered with choosing graphics you can use the templates as is.

Address book and email merge function

You can keep all the details you need for your mailings in the address book provided (email address, name, relationship, special messages etc). Mail Magic Personal lets you import data from your current mail software (Outlook etc) so you don't need to reenter any information. By automatically inserting the items from your address book into the mails you send out (email merge), you can easily and quickly send personalized emails to everyone on your mailing list.

Wide variety of HTML email templates and clip art

Mail Magic Personal comes with over 200 HTML mail templates in the following categories : Christmas cards, birthday cards, moving notices, party invitations, birth notices, Halloween cards, St. Valentine's Day cards, and free layout. Of course you can adapt the templates for any purpose by simple putting in different graphics and text. There are also over 200 items of clip art ready to use with any of the templates.

Product specifications, Purchase

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Product requirements and Purchase

Demonstration version download

The demonstration version is fully functional except it limits the number of mails you can send at one time to two, and comes with only a small number of HTML templates.

Business version [Mail Magic Professional]

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