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Starry Night turns your computer screen into an interior decoration. It is a collection of screen savers which provide beautiful night-time views of the ten cities that are staging matches for the 2002 Soccer World Cup. Each scene is made up of thousands of twinkling pixels which turn on and off at random, creating stunning images before your very eyes.
Download the free demonstration version, which allows you to enjoy the screen savers in demonstration mode only. If you like what you see, click on the button above to purchase a serial number, which you can input to turn the demonstration version into full screen visual magic.

Clock Tower / Sapporo
Sapporo's famous landmark, the clock tower of the old agricultural college. The clock actually shows the correct time!
Sendai Station / Miyagi Prefecture
A night-time view of the bullet train station in Sendai, the center of Japan's north-east.
Pageant of Light / Miyagi Prefecture
Sendai's famous Pageant of Light, held every December, covers the trees lining the city's boulevardes with thousands of lights.
Kashima Jingu / Kashima Prefecture
Kashima's famous and ancient shrine.
Saitama New City Center / Saitama Prefecture
The newly built skyscrapers of Saitama City's central district.
Minato Mirai 21 / Yokohama
The LandMark Tower and other buildings line the waterfront of Yokohama's famous harbour.
Bandai Bridge / Niigata Prefecture
Niigata's well-known Bandai Bridge as seen by night.
Mt Fuji / Shizuoka Prefecture
Mount Fuji towers in the distance, with the traffic of National Highway 1 and the Tomei expressway moving along the coast in the foreground.
Osaka Castle / Osaka
The famous symbol of Osaka, lit up at night.
Kobe Harbour / Kobe
Completely rebuilt after the devastion of the earthquake, the glitter of Kobe's lights is reflected in the water of the harbour.
Oita Bay / Oita Prefecture
The lighthouse at the entrance of Oita Bay flashes on and off, with Oita's lights twinkling in the background.

Click on the titles to see screen shots of the screen savers.

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