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Demonstration version
Demonstration versions can be converted to full versions by entering the password you receive when you purchase.
After Dark Screen Saver Products
After Dark Classic Set 1.3 (Mac)
Flying Toasters Screen Saver For Windows
Other Products
Ez-Architect for Windows
Mail Magic Professional for Windows
Discontinued Products
After Dark X + Fish for Macintosh (PPC Only)
Flying Toasters Screen Saver For Macintosh
Mowing Man and Boris For Macintosh
Screen Studio 2 for Macintosh
Screen Studio Clip Art and Sound Files
If you have trouble downloading, or if you cannot open the dmg file, download the zip file from the mirror server.
After Dark Classic Set 1.3(Mac)
Flying Toasters Screen Saver for Mac
Flying Toasters Screen Saver for Windows
Mowing Man and Boris Screen Saver for Mac
Screen Studio 2 for Mac

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