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After Dark + Fish, the Flying Toaster screen saver for the Mac

After Dark Does Not Work on Macs with Intel Processors
Now "Flying Toasters Screen Saver" is available for Intel Macs running
OS 10.6 or higher

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Mac OS X 10.0.4 - 10.4
After Dark X does not work on Intel Macs

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Demonstration version download

You can download and use this demo version immediately. You can purchase a serial number to convert this demonstration version into a full working version.


THE Flying Toaster Screensaver for the Macintosh
After Dark™ is the best-selling screen saver that has delighted Macintosh users worldwide since 1989, best know for the famous Flying Toasters. "After Dark X + Fish" adds the popular "Fish", "Mowing Man" and "Mandelbrot" modules to the existing "Space Toasters", "Starry Night" and other user favorites.
More than just a screensaver, "After Dark X + Fish" offers hours of entertainment for all Macintosh users.
No More Conflicts
After Dark™ X uses the built-in OS X screen saver engine, so the conflicts and incompatibilties that occured with previous versions are a thing of the past. You don't have to worry about your screensaver crashing your system anymore.
The Power of Open GL
The eleven After Dark™ X modules make full use of the power of Open GL to provide fascinating screen saver displays on your screen. Most of the modules use Open GL's 3D environment to give a variety of angles and views for each graphic display.
The Fish and Flying Toaster modules in particular will provide hours of enjoyment, due to the wide variety of user-settings available.
Click Module Descriptions for more information on all the screen saver modules.

Decorate Your Desktop !! Desktop Picture Download
Click on the link that matches your monitor's resolution and the graphic file wil be displayed. Just drag and drop it onto your desktop.
800X600 / 1024X768 800X600 / 1024X768

After Dark X + Fish Home / Module Descriptions

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