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Hair style and color simulation software "Change My image 2 for Windows"

Works With Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Now only $5.00!!

Easy Hair Style and Color Simulation

"Change My image 3" is the easy-to-use hair style and color simulation software for Windows.

Try out different hair styles and hair cuts, and then use Change My image's color simulation function to see which hair color suits you best. You can choose from an infinite variety of colors. Using Change My image's unique hair selection tools, you can even do hair simulations on your current hairstyle.

Choose from over 800 hair styles, short, long and medium, for both men and women.

Create a totally different you and change your image. Save your new look in a variety of sizes and formats to send to friends or print out.

Change My image's interface is so simple to use that even computer novices can create new looks for themselves in a matter of seconds.

Just Load in Your Photograph

Loading your photograph into Change My image is easy. If you have a Web camera you can take a photograph that automatically loads directly onto the screen.

Use a web camera, digital camera or scanner for your hair style and color simulation

Or you can open photographs that you have copied onto your hard disk from a digital camera, a Photo CD or scanner. Once you have loaded your photograph just a few clicks of the mouse can create a totally new you.

Over 800 Hairstyles

Change My image 3 comes with over 800 hairstyles for men and women (and of course kids), in seven categories.

  • Women's Hairstyles : Long (138), Medium (215), Short (340)
  • Men's Hairstyles : Long (9), Medium (35), Short (70)
  • Facial Hair (Beards and Moustaches) : (22)

Save Hairstyles From Photographs

Use selection tools to select your hairstyle and do color simulationChange My image 3's unique selection tools allow you to select and save the hairstyle portion of photographs.

This means you can do hair color simulations on your current hairstyle (not just the hairstyles that come with Change My image) and also save hairstyles from other photographs so that you can try them out on yourself.

Infinite Color Variations

Color controls for hair simulationUsing Change My image 3's color chart and color shade control you can apply an infinite variety of colors to your hairstyle.

By using the hair selection tools and color simulation functions you will be sure to find the color and shade that suit you best.

Once you have decided on a color and hairstyle, print out your picture and show it to your hair salon so that you can make the new you a reality!

Infinite hair style color simulations

6 Bleach Simulation

When applying color to hair, the final color depends on the degree of bleaching of the hair before color is applied.

Change My image's unique Bleach Simulation Slider allows you to simulate bleaching of the hair in order to give you the most realistic effect when coloring your hair.

7 User Defined Colors

If you find a color that you like you can save it in the User Color Palette, so that you can use it again whenever you like. This is also handy for hair salons as you can create colors that match colorings you often use and save them for future use.

8 Attractive Interface Styles

Change My image 3 comes with six different interface styles that you can set as you wish. Change the look of the program to suit your mood, your decor or your outfit!

6 different interfaces for your hair style and color simulation

Perfect For Hair Salons

If you are a hair salon owner, use Change My image to give your business an edge over the competition. Using Change My image provides the following benefits for hair salons.

  1. Let your customers try out different hairstyles to see how they look. Much more realistic than just looking at catalogs.
  2. Your customers can do hair color simulation on their current hairstyle and on other different hairstyles.
  3. Create your own library of hairstyles. Use Change My image 2's selection tools to create your own hairstyle library, or if you want to create your own hairstyle data using a graphic program such as Photoshop, these can be incorporated into Change My image as well. Details are available to registered users of Change My image 2 from usermail@infinisys.co.jp.
  4. Using a Web camera you can instantly load in your customer's photograph for easy hair and color simulation.
  5. Interface Customize. For a small charge Infinisys can create a customized interface for your salon, featuring your salon's name and logo. For details contact usermail@infinisys.co.jp

Free Gift!!

Every purchaser of Change my image receives a copy of Mail Magic Personal, the personal email merge tool. Send customized emails to friends and/or customers.

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Convenient usage


Simple and Fast

Use a web camera for your hair color simulationUsing a Web Camera it is easy to load in photographs of yourself for quick and easy hairstyle and hair color simulations. Hair salons can use this feature to instantly load in photos of their customers with no waiting!


Create Your Own Hairstyle Library

Use Change My image 2's unique selection tools to select and save the hairstyle portion of photographs and create your own hairstyle Library.

Print and Export

Print your hair style and color simulationOnce you have created a look that you like you can print it out or export it in a number of formats such as BMP, JPG and PNG. Put your new look up on your home page, or email it to friends.

Custom Sizes

You can export images in any size that you wish, so you can even create small images to send using your mobile phone.

Demonstration Version Download
Download a free trial version
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Macintosh Version

A Macintosh version of Change My image (and a free demo download) is also available. Click the link below for product details.
Change My image for Macintosh
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