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Press Release : Infinisys Releases After Dark for Mac OS X

At Last, Flying Toasters for OS X
On July 22nd Infinisys Ltd announced that it had begun online sales of the famous Macintosh screensaver, After Dark. The new version, named "After Dark X" works only with OS X, and consists of eight modules, including a brand new Flying Toaster module, "SpaceToasterX". Among the modules are new improved versions of old After Dark favorites such as Starry Night, Warp, Messages and Line Art.

No More Conflicts
After Dark X uses the built-in OS X screensaver engine, so the conflicts and incompatibilties that occured with previous versions are a thing of the past. You don't have to worry about your screensaver crashing your system anymore.

The Power of Open GL
The eight After Dark X modules make full use of the power of Open GL to provide fascinating screensaver displays on your screen. Most of the modules use Open GL's 3D environment to give a variety of angles and views for each graphic display.
The Flying Toaster module in particular will provide hours of enjoyment, with the toasters going through more than 55 different routines against the backdrop of the space.

About Infinisys
Infinisys has been the Japanese distributor for After Dark since the product was first released and produced the first fully localized version of After Dark. As the After Dark engine was incompatible with OS 9, and the original developers had abandoned all plans to upgrade the product. Infinisys licenced the After Dark name and graphics and produced a brand new engine and modules to work with OS 9. This product is available only in Japanese. Due to the large number of users who wanted to use the product with OS X, Infinisys decided to port some of these modules to the OS X platform.

Product Information
* Product Name : After Dark X
* Online Version Price : $ 20.00 (US)

OS : Mac OS 10.0 or higher
CPU : Power PC
Memory : Minimum of 128 Megabytes

Product URL:http://en.infinisys.co.jp/product/adx/
Company URL : http://en.infinisys.co.jp
Contact : e_info@infinisys.co.jp

Descriptions of Modules included in After Dark X

Space ToasterX
The four generations of toasters tumble around through the void of space. Following a zoom-up view of the earth, the moon floats in the background, its phases mirroring the phases of the real moon. The toasters go through over 55 different routines, embellished with rotations and explosions.

Starry NightX
In the tradition of the original Starry Night module, this provides night-time views of various Japanese cities and landmarks - Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka Castle, and the famous suspension bridge over the Inland Sea. Taking advantage of Open GL you can zoom in and rotate the views as well.

New WarpX
This module takes the original Warp module to a new level. Move through the stars (or asteroids) in a variety of directions, and for extra enjoyment play your favourite CD or MP3 etc sound file to add to the mood.

New Message X
The new improved message module. Turn your screen into a memo pad, leaving messages for those who come by after you have gone. A variety of effects to choose from turn a simple message (Back in 5 minutes) into a work of art.

New Line Art
Draws lines on the screen that merge into a variety of patterns. By changing the wide choice of settings available you can create infinite effects.

Shower X
A simple module that creates effects reminiscent of sea-spray.

Circles X
Circles, Circles, Circles. That just about sums this one up. However if you look at it for too long your head starts to spin.

Provides a virtual fireworks display with options to view the fireworks from below, close by or from a distance.

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