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Infinisys Begins Online Sales of Hairstyle Simulation Program "Change My image" for Windows

On March 19th Infinisys Ltd. announced that it had begun online sales of a Windows version of its popular hairstyle simulation software for the Macintosh, "Change My image".
"Change My image" allows you to quickly and easily try out a variety of hairstyles and hair colors. Just load in your photograph and then click on the desired hairstyle and hair color. It's easy. "Change My image" comes with over 100 hairstyles for men and women.
You can download a free demonstration version of "Change My image" from Infinisys's home page at http://en.infinisys.co.jp.
You can also purchase a serial number which will convert your demonstration version into a full version for only $15.

Product Name: Change My image
Price : $15-00 (US dollars)
Release Date: 19th March, 2003

CPU Pentium II or better
OS Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP
Memory Minimum of 64MB (98/Me) Minimum of128MB (NT/2000/XP)

More information : http://en.infinisys.co.jp
Enquiries: e_info@infinisys.co.jp

Product Description

Read in almost any photograph
Read in photographs from digital cameras, PhotoCDs etc. Can read most common file formats.
No application limit on photograph size, but available memory will determine largest size that can be read.

Over 100 hairstyles
"Change My image" comes with over 100 ready to use hairstyles, for men and women. Infinisys also plans to make extra hairstyles available to registered users in the near future.

Infinite Hair Color Variations
Just click on "Change My image's" color wheel, or the system Color Picker, to instantly add color to your chosen hairstyle. You can also vary the color level from very dark to very light.

Print It Out
Once you have a style and color you like you can print it out and take it to your hairdresser, or put it in a greeting card and surprise your friends.

"Change My image" allows you to export data in a variety of formats, such as BMP and JPEG, to use with other programs, and you can also freely set the size of the exported image.

Easy to Use
"Change My image's" intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use.
The help window provides real time instructions so you are never at a loss.
No unnecessary functions and controls make "Change My image" a cinch to use.

Interchangeable Interfaces
"Change My image" comes with three different interface skins, which you can can change according to your mood. Extra skins can be downloaded from Infinisys's home page.

File Formats
"Change My image" can read and save the following file formats:

Download Service
Infinisys plans to begin a download service allowing users to download new hairstyles and interfaces to use with "Change My image."

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