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Press Release : Infinisys Releases Mail Magic 2.2 for Windows

Infinisys Releases Windows Mail Magic 2.2 for Windows

On April 24th Infinisys Ltd., a software developer in Japan, announced that it had begun online sales of an update to the Windows version of its popular HTML mail software "Mail Magic 2". Mail Magic 2 allows you to create and send customized text and HTML mails, not only for business purposes such as e-mail direct mailings, but also for personal use, like sending Christmas cards or wedding invitations.

Apart from fixing a few minor bugs, the update gives users greater control over how to handle errors that occur during mailing. Now the user can choose to ignore the error and continue mailing, pause mailing and display an error aler, or cancel mailing. The user can also display the log file from within the program to obtain detailed information regarding the errors.

Even Computer Novices Can Create Their Own HTML Mails
Mail Magic 2 comes with a large number of HTML templates. The HTML template wizard guides the user through the process of inserting their own graphics and text, to create customized HTML mail. No knowledge of HTML is necessary. Template categories include Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Valentine's Day cards, "We've Moved" notices, "We've had a Baby" notices, party invitations and free layouts that can be used for a variety of purposes.
Those who have a basic knowledge of HTML can create their own layouts. Of course you can use Mail Magic 2 to send normal text mails as well.

Database Functions Allow Creation Personalized Mails
Mail Magic 2's database functions make it easy to insert personal details for each recipient into every mail that is sent out. For example personal data such as name, address, form of greeting etc can be automatically inserted into each mail to suit each individual recipient. Even the mail title and portions of the text itself can customized.
Data can be input directly into Mail Magic 2, or imported in the form of CSV files saved from other applications such as word processors, spreadsheets or databases.
In addition to personal use, Mail Magic has many applications for business as well. For example software vendors can personlize upgrade notices by including the names, customer numbers etc of their users. Internet vendors can add a personal touch to direct mails to their registered customers. Whether for home or business use Magic Mail is certain to become indispensable to anyone who uses e-mail.

*Easily create original HTML mails
*Comes with over 60 ready to use templates including Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Free Layouts etc
*Includes Over 50 ClipArt Items and 80 Backgrounds
* Send up to 30,000 mails at a time.
* Can attach binary data attachments such as graphic and sound files
* Use up to 10 customizable fields per mail
* Can read either TAB-delineated or comma delineated data files
* Preview feature lets you check how each recipient's mail will look.

You can download a demonstration version of Mail Magic 2 for no charge (http://en.infinisys.co.jp/product/mail_magic/ ). This demonstration version limits the number of mails you can send at one time to 2, and includes an advertisement for Mail Magic 2. at the end of each mail sent. Otherwise it is a full working version. Serial numbers to convert the demonstration version into a full working version can be purchased from Infinisys's home page (http://en.infinisys.co.jp) for $US18-00.

Macintosh Version
A functionally idential Macintosh version of Mail Magic 2.2 is being released concurrently.

Mail Specifications
Endcoding : BASE 64
Mail Servers : SMTP, POP3
Data Size : Mail text can be up to 32KB in size. No limit on size of attachments.
Can send up to 30,000 mails at one time.
Works with POP before SMTP servers.

Data Base Specifications
Up to 30,000 records
Up to 10 fields per record
Each field can accomodate up to 256 bytes of data
Can use either comma or TAB delineated text files
Product Information
Product Name : Mail Magic 2
Online Version Price : $US18-000

Hardware/Software Requirements
CPU : Pentium or equivalent
OS Windows : 98/Me/2000/XP
Memory : At least 128 MB
Other : MicroSoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

Product URL: http://en.infinisys.co.jp/product/mail_magic/
Company URL : http://en.infinisys.co.jp

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