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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Infinisys Cuts Price of Hairstyle Simulation Program

TAIHAKU-KU, Sendai, Japan, September 30, 2003 - Infinisys, Ltd. (http://en.infinisys.co.jp) today announced that it is cutting the price of "Change My image" (http://en.infinisys.co.jp/product/cmimage), its popular hairstyle simulation software for Macintosh and Windows. "Change My image" offers over 100 hairstyles for both men and women and unlimited hair color simulations. Just load in a photograph and "Change My image's" simple interface makes it easy to create a totally new look for yourself.
Previously sold online for $15 dollars US, "Change My image's" price has been reduced to $10 dollars US, effective immediately.
Regarding the reason for the price cut, Infinisys CEO Dennis Heazle said, "We will be releasing a new version early in the new year and hope to expand our user base before that. All registered users of the current version will be offered an inexpensive upgrade path."

ABOUT INFINISYS Infinisys, Ltd. is a Japanese company with over ten years' experience in developing and localizing Macintosh and Windows software for the Japanese market. The company's future plans include releasing English versions of many of its products. In addition to Change My image, Infinisys also offers mail software and screensaver products for both Macintosh and Windows.

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