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Infinisys Releases Mail Magazine Creation and Transmission Software

TAIHAKU-KU, Sendai, Japan, August 6, 2010 - Infinisys, Ltd. (http://en.infinisys.co.jp) today released a new Vista and Windows 7 compatible version of its best-selling product "Mail Magic Professional 4 for Windows" , a text and HTML e-mail program that allows anyone to easily create and send out mail magazines, as well as HTML mail greeting cards and personal newsletters. Price for the download version is $19-00. A fully functional demonstration version can be downloaded free of charge.

Featuring an easy to use wizard for creating HTML mails, Mail Magic Professional includes over 60 templates for creating mail magazines, in addition to templates for a variety of occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, St. Valentine's etc. Messages can be customized with information from up to 20 database fields-including email address, name, style of greeting, and special messages. Users can also use the program to create, customize and send plain-text e-mails. All messages can be previewed before sending.

Along with the HTML functions, Mail Maic Professional's convenient database feature allows users to import data from other programs such as Outlook Express and Excel. The database also includes data editing, sorting and filtering functions, as well as a data check function to avoid duplicate mailings or mailings to invalid addresses. Database records can be divided into groups making it easy to send targeted mailings.
All features are user-friendly and the program comes with an easy-to-understand online manual.

"In this age of the Internet, businesses are relying more and more heavily on mail magazines to keep in touch with their customers. Mail Magic Professional's ease of use and low cost make it the perfect tool for small businesses to create and send mail magazines," said Dennis Heazle, president of Infinisys.

For more information see the Mail Magic Professional product information page at :


Infinisys, Ltd. is a Japanese company with over ten years' experience in developing and localizing Macintosh and Windows software for the Japanese market. The company's future plans include releasing English versions of many of its products. In addition to Mail Magic Professional, Infinisys also offers Mail Magic Personal, designed for personal use .

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