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After Dark Classic Set [Mac]
The After Dark Classic set is a collection of three popular After Dark screensavers from the classic screensaver collection of the 1990's. You can enjoy the Flying Toasters, Mowing Man and Boris screensavers. The screensavers all use the graphics and sounds from the original After Dark screensavers.Not compatible with Mojave or later systems

Flying Toasters [Windows]
This screen saver for Windows 7 and later systems features the Flying Toasters from After Dark in a brand new screen saver. We have tried to recreate the feel of the original flying toaster screen savers so if you are expecting 3D graphics and fancy effects you will be disappointed.

After Dark X + fish (Discontinued) [Mac]
After Dark screen savers for Mac OS X. "After Dark X + Fish" uses the built-in OS X screensaver engine, so you don't have to worry about your screensaver crashing your system anymore."After Dark X + Fish" makes full use of the power of Open GL to provide fascinating screensaver displays on your screen. Most of the modules use Open GL's 3D environment to give a variety of angles and views for each graphic display. Not compatible with Intel Macs.

Ez-Architect [Win]
An easy to use draw program especially designed for creating floor plans and building plans.

Mail Magic Professional [Win]
Mail Magic Professional allows you to create and send HTML mails with much greater visual appeal than regular text mails. In addition, data from Mail Magic Professional's database can be inserted into each mail to customize them for every recipient, resulting in a message that is personal and earns your customers' trust.

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