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Create a screensaver for your Mac and create After Dark screensavers with Screen Studio for the Macintosh

Create a screensaver for your Mac

and create After Dark screensavers

Create a screensaver for your Mac with Screen Studio
You can create a screensaver for your Macintosh and also create original After Dark screensavers with Screen Studio. It also comes with a large amount of clip art, including popular characters from After Dark, such as the Flying Toaster, Bad Dog, Boris and fish from the popular Fish module, as well as sound files, so you can quickly create your very own personalized screensavers. You can specify a variety of actions for your characters, including what path they follow across the screen, what they do after they leave the screen, as well as what they do when they collide with another character. Screen Studio's preview function makes it easy to check on how your screensaver will look. When everything is ready just save it and place the screen saver in your Screen Saver folder. Then sit back and enjoy the show. Screensavers that you have made can also be reopened and edited, so it is easy to change things if you are not totally satisfied. Use Screen Studio to make unique photo displays to send to your friends, or create a customized corporate screen saver for your company. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
Save Your Animation as a Stand-Alone Application
You can save the animations you create as stand-alone applications, as well as screen savers. Just double-click the saved application to display the animation either in a windor or in full-screen mode. Saving and distributing animations as applications makes it easier for others to view them.

Easily Create Screensavers Using These Features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Set the path of characters across the screen
  • Set the behavior of characters when they collide with other characters
  • Set the behavior of characters after they leave the screen
  • Set start and end times
  • Set character speed, animation speed, effect of friction etc
  • Set the display size of each character
  • Set the background to black, your desktop, or a graphic or photo of your choice
  • Set the how the background graphic is positioned and sized
  • Random settings to make screensavers that work differently every time
  • Preview function to check how things will work
  • Add sound files (mp3)

Screensaver Clip Art and Sound

Screen Studio comes with a collection of over 1,000 clip art images, including animated images, and 37 background music and sound effect mp3 files. The clip art includes popular characters from After Dark like the Flying Toasters, Bad Dog and Boris, as well as a large collection of fish and fish tank ornaments. Other clip art categories include People, Vehicles, Food and Animals. In addition you can choose from a large number of backgrounds, including fish tank backgrounds, space, the desert, the city and the sea.

Screensaver Clip Art Samples

After Dark flying toaster screensaver clipart
After Dark bad dog screensaver clipart
After Dark fish screensaver clipart
Bad Dog
Mandarin Fish
After Dark fish screensaver clipart
screensaver clipart
screensaver clipart
Fish Tank Ornament
Space Shuttle

Free Sample Mac Screensavers

Screen Studio comes with a collection of sample screensavers which you can edit with Screen Studio and use as a reference when making your own.
Click on the images below to see movies of sample screensavers made with Screen Studio
free After Dark Flying Toasters screensaver for Mac
Space Toasters
free After Dark Fish screensaver for Mac
free Mac golf screensaver
free Mac race screensaver

After Dark Screensavers

If you were a fan of After Dark, check out our After Dark screensavers at the link below
After Dark Screensaver Product Information

For Macintosh

English Version
Not Compatble With Mojave
Download Versions
Pay by PayPal

Screen Studio

Free Download

You can download the Screen Studio demo version from the following link . Until the password is entered you cannot save screen savers with Screen Studio.
Download Screen Studio Demo Version

Mirror Server

If you have trouble downloading try downloading from the mirror server.
Download Screen Studio Demo Version

Clip Art and Sound Files

After you purchase a password you can download and use the clip art and sound files from the following link.
Clip art and sound files

Mirror Server

Clip art and sound files

Technical Support

For information regarding technical support click the link below.

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