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inexpensive easy to use email marketing software Mail Magic Professional

The Perfect Tool For Creating and Sending Email Magazines and Email Campaigns

Send Email to Multiple Email Addresses

Create a database from text or Excel files and send individually customized mails to each email address. Fields from the database are automatically merged in the email body (either text or HTML).

Target your Mailings

Mail Magic Professional's database group and filtering functions make it a snap to target different groups of recipients to make your email campaings more effective.

Easily Create HTML Emails

Using the HTML Wizard, anybody can quckly create professional looking HTML emails, with graphics and decorative text, increasing the impact of your email advertising.

Dozens of Email Magazine Templates

In addition to templates for Christmas cards, birthday cards, removal notices etc, Mail Magic Professional also comes with dozens of email magazine templates that can easily be customized to for your business. You are sure to find one just right for your next email campaign.

Import Email Addresses From Outlook and Other Mail Applications

You can import tab-delimited and .csv text files exported from email applications directly into Mail Magic Professional. You can also directly import Excel files (.xls files).

Attach Graphics and Your Own HTML Files

Simply drag files to the Mail Magic Professional application window to attach them. Sound files, movie files, graphic files, HTML files etc can all be attached and sent easily.

Reduce Server Load

You can set the time interval between specified lots of emails sent in order to reduce load on the mail server. This is especially important if you send out bulk email in large volumes.

Automatic Data Check

Quickly locate duplicate data and invalid email addresses
HTML email template
Automatically Merged Bulk HTML Email For SOHO and Small BusinessesMail Magic Professional is an easy to use email advertising tool designed with the needs of SOHO and small businesses in mind. You don't need to purchase expensive bulk email and email merge software in order to send attractive customized mails to your customers. With Mail Magic Professional it is easy to send out customized email magazines, new product announcements, sales confirmations or any other kind of email communication, in either text or HTML format. Use Mail Magic Professional to increase the effectiveness of your email advertising campaigns.
Mail Magic Professional is meant to be used for legitimate mailings to people who have indicated to wish to receive them, and is not meant to be used for illegal SPAM mass email mailings.

Email Marketing and Bulk HTML Email Software
Mail Magic Professional allows you to create and send HTML mails with much greater visual appeal than regular text mails. In addition, data from Mail Magic Professional's database can be merged into each mail to customize them for every recipient, resulting in a message that is personal and earns your customers' trust.
You can use your current data exported from other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Outlook Express, or enter your data directly into Mail Magic Professional. The easy-to-use interface makes data import and entry simple even for computer novices.

Safe and Cost-Effective
Safe and Cost-EffectiveWhen sending out direct emails businesses often make use of services provided by specialist companies. However the cost involved as well as the danger of your data being leaked to and misused by others makes this a risky method to employ. By making use of Mail Magic Professional you not only save money but also ensure that your data stays safe within the company.

<Customized Solutions>

Email Magazines With A Personal Touch
email magazines By including your customers' name and customer number in the title and main body of your email magazines and newsletters, you will increase the chances of getting your message read as well as establish trust.

Send Personal Purchase Confirmations
Personal thank you notes Using Mail Magic Professional you can send personal emails to customers thanking them for their purchases, including the details of what they have bought. You can also send news of new products and services, including photos and graphics to boost the impact of your message.

Personalized Information Delivery
send to mobile phones Mail Magic Professional allows you to count the letters in your text messages as well as preview them on a cell-phone sized screen, making it easy to send out personalized text messages to people on the move.

Free Download

Download a free, fully functional demonstration version.
This version is not compatible with Windows 10 and does not work with some modern email servers. We are currently preparing an English language version of the latest available version 12.
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Mail Magic Professional Features
Powerful Database Features
In addition to regular editing functions, Mail Magic Professional also offers powerful checking and filtering features.
Easy-To-Use Email Editing Functions
Even computer novices can create attractive e-mails with impact using Mail Magic Professional's easy-to-use email editing functions.
Full Range of Mail Send Features
Multiple server registration, timer, automatic reconnection after server errors, bcc transmission and many more features make sending mail as simple as can be.
HTML Templates
A range of samples of the many HTML templates provided.
Create Your Own HTML Templates
Demo Version Download
Download a free, fully functional demonstration version.
Download Page
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