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Flying Toasters screensaver from After Dark

Flying Toasters Screensaver

Flying toasters screen saverscreen shot
Those lovable flying toasters from the best-selling screen saver of the 90's "After Dark" are back. They haven't been around for a long time, but now once again you can have them flying around your screen. Remember the good times. With 29 characters to enjoy you never know what is going to appear next. We have tried to recreate the feeling of the original Flying Toaster screen savers, so if you are looking for 3D graphics and fancy effects you will be disappointed.
Screensaver Features
  • 29 Characters
  • 4 generations of toasters
  • You can set which of the main characters displays
  • You can also set their speed
  • Display from 1 up to 20 characters on the screen at once
  • Surprise characters appear at random so it is fun to watch
  • Three types of flying toaster music to choose from
Some of the Characters
Flying toaster screensaver character screenshot
Flying toaster screensaver character screenshot
Flying toaster screensaver character screenshot
Baby Toaster Hula Hoop Police Toaster

For Windows

English Version
Require Windows 7 or higher
Memory 2GB minimum (4GB recommended)
Download Version
Pay by PayPal

Flying Toasters Screensaver



You can download the screen saver from the following link . Until the password is entered you can only view the screen saver in demonstration mode.
Download Page

Technical Support

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Macintosh Version

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