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Drawing Tools & Functions

Drawing Tools

Ez-Architect comes with a variety of drawing tools that allow you to create almost any shape imaginable.
  • Pointer Tool : Used for selecting objects
  • Rotation Tool : Free rotation of any object
  • Text Tool : Input normal text
  • Vector Text Tool : Input vector text (free resize and rotation)
  • Line Tool : Draw straight lines
  • Angle Line Tool : Draw lines constrained at 45 degree angles
  • Rectangle Tool : Draw rectangles and squares
  • Round Rectangle Tool : Draw rectangles and squares with rounded corners
  • Ellipse Tool : Draw ellipses and circles
  • Arc Tool : Draw arcs
  • Arc Tangent Tool : Draw arcs with a tangent line joining the ends
  • Arc Pie Tool : Draw pie sections of a circle
  • Polygon Tool : Draw irregular polygons of any shape
  • Regular Polygon Tool : Draw regular polygons with any number of sides
  • Closed Curve Tool : Draw closed curved shapes
  • Free-Hand Tool : Draw free-hand shapes, just like using a pencil.
  • Wall Tool : Draw walls
  • Hollow Wall Tool : Draw hollow walls
  • Continuous Wall Tools : Easily draw multiple walls that are joined together, such as outside walls
  • Rectangular Wall Tools : Draw rectangular rooms quickly using these tools.
  • Door Tool : Cut holes in walls to make doors
  • Eyedropper Tool : Easily copy colors, patterns and textures between objects

Object Resizing and Reshaping

All objects have resizing handles which can be dragged with the mouse to resize objects freely. Clicking on a selected object with the Shift key pressed displays the Reshape Handles which can be dragged with the mouse to freely resize the object.

Other Useful Drawing Functions

Ez Architect allows you to create up to 9 layers so you can have different types of objects (such as walls and furniture) in different layers allowing you to print, display and export them separately. Layers can be hidden or the objects in inactive layers displayed in gray. You can also change the order that layers display in.
Group & Lock
Separate objects can be grouped together to create new objects. Objects can also be locked to prevent them being moved or edited.
Line Type & Thickness Settings
The Line Thickness Toolbar and Line Type Toolbar provide various options for line thickness and line type (dotted, dashed etc). You can also set line thickness freely by inputting the width in pixels.
Object Resize By Number Input
Using the "Object Preferences" dialog you can set the size and angle of objects by inputting the settings directly in number form. This provides you with greater accuracy when drawing.


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Drawing Tools

A full range of drawing tools make it easy to create any shapes or lines that you require.

Floor & Building Plans

Scale and unit settings, dimension lines, and a range of special tools for creating high-quality floor plans and building plans.

Text Functions

Create freely resizable and rotatable text, and apply colors or colored patterns as you wish.

Layout & Design

High level functions like color and pattern editing, as well as grid snap and zoom make design and layout a breeze.


Hundreds of objects and symbols divided into 18 categories make it easy to find the item you need, saving you time and effort.

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