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Floor Plan/Building Plan Tools & Functions

Special Functions

Ez-Architect has a number of functions designed for producing floor plans and architectural drawings.
  • Scale Settings : You can set the scale freely to any value that you wish.
  • Unit Settings : Choose between feet and inches, inches, meters, centimeters, millimeters and pixels for the unit of measurement of your drawing.
  • Duplicate : The duplicate function makes it easy to duplicate an object any number of times at set horizontal and vertical offsets. This is perfect for drawing rows of studs, windows etc.

Dimension Lines

The Dimension Line Palette provides a wide variety of dimension line options. Just double click on the palette to bring up more options. You can choose to display the arrow heads in outline or in solid black.

Other Useful Functions

Auto Dimension Function
When the auto dimension function is turned on, dimension lines are automatically attached to walls, lines, squares and rectangles when drawn. The lines can be set to be automatically grouped with the object .
Wall Tool
The wall tool lets you quickly draw walls for floor plans. The shape of ends of the wall can be set. Dimension lines can also be automatically attached.

Hollow Wall Tool

Ez-Architect comes with a hollow wall tool which makes it easy to create hollow walls or draw roads etc. The intersections of hollow walls open up automatically. Hollow walls can be colored and the width set in the units being used (feet, meters etc).
Scale Tool
Use the scale tool to quickly determine distances in your drawing, simply by dragging the mouse.
Rulers can be displayed at the top and left side of the drawing for easy measurement. The rulers automatically reflect the units and scale that are set. The position of the mouse is displayed on the rulers.
Preview Function
The preview function lets you check the contents of files without opening them. When you find the one you want just one click opens the file. Very handy when you are dealing with large numbers of files.
DXF File Import and Export
Using the DXF file format you can exchange data with a wide range of other draw and CAD software, including AutoCAD


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Drawing Tools

A full range of drawing tools make it easy to create any shapes or lines that you require.

Floor & Building Plans

Scale and unit settings, dimension lines, and a range of special tools for creating high-quality floor plans and building plans.

Text Functions

Create freely resizable and rotatable text, and apply colors or colored patterns as you wish.

Layout & Design

High level functions like color and pattern editing, as well as grid snap and zoom make design and layout a breeze.


Hundreds of objects and symbols divided into 18 categories make it easy to find the item you need, saving you time and effort.

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