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Mail Magic Features Mail Magic
Mail Magic 2.0
Database Functions Duplicate data search, Automatic delete
Data filtering
Mail address validity check
Select mails to send, Mark unsent mails
Data input, Delete, Edit, Change field order, Sort
Import Excel Files Direct
Create Groups
Print Database
Save multiple databases
Export CSV and Tab-delineated data
Import data field names
Append imported data to current database
Number of database fields 20 10
Mail Send Functions Number of mails that can be sent 30,000 30,000
Select mails to send
Number of servers (and/or accounts) that can be registered 100 1
Automatic insertion of sender's details in mail header
Set wait interval after error, Set interval between mails
Timer function
Character encoding selection for multiple languages
Save log file
Real-time log file display
Append original HTML ,movie, sound, graphic files
Send mail to specific groups
Read graphics in your original HTML attachments from remote server
HTML Mail Insert new graphics in HTML templates
Edit text in HTML templates
Change HTML template background graphic
Change HTML background color
Change HTML text settings (font, color, size, style)
Insert graphic from remote server in HTML template
Export HTML mail as source
Number of templates 164 71
Number of clip art 207 51
Number of backgrounds 198 198
Insert URL links in HTMl mail
Text Mail Automatic line insert, Automatic framing
Automatic line feed insert
Preview of mail with merged data
Count number of letters in mail.
Save mail as template
Export mail as text
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