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Full Range of Mail Send Features

Sending Multiple Mails
With Mail Magic Professional you can send up to 30,000 mails in one transmission.

Register Multiple Mail Servers and Sender Accounts
If you need to make use of different sender accounts and/or mail servers when sending mails (for example the Sales Department and the Support Department may use different mail addresses) Mail Magic Professional makes this easy by letting you register up to 100 different accounts and servers.
Create server settings for multiple mail accounts
You can also save the appropriate mail account setting with each different mailing, making it easy to keep track of what has been to sent to who and from where.

Support for SMTP Auth and SSL/TLS
Many mail servers now require support for SMTP Auth when sending mail. Mail Magic Professional now supporst SMTP Auth as well as SSL and TLS encryption.

Mail Transmission Port Setting
Some mail servers use a different port from the normal "Port 25" for security reasons. Mail Magic Profesional allows you to set the server port to any value that you wish.

Reduce Server Load
Sending multiple mails can put a strain on your mail server, which is why Mail Magic Professional provides an "Interval Between Mails" setting to keep your mail server running efficiently. You can also set the time to wait after a mail server error causes your mailing to be interrupted.
Set intervals between different lots of mail transmissions to reduce the load on the server

Multiple Send Options
Mail Magic Professional allows you to easily select which addresses in the database to send a mailing to. You can select specific records, or choose to send to only those addresses which have not yet been sent to . You can also specify particular groups of addresses to send to.
Specicy particular groups of addresses to send to

Send Mails at a Preset Time
If you want to send mails at a preset time and/or date (Christmas cards on Christmas Eve for example) you just have to set the timer and leave the rest to Mail Magic Professional.

Send Your Own Original HTML Mails
In addition to the HTML templates that come with Mail Magic Professional, you can also send you own original HTML files if you wish. You don't have to include graphic files with every mail but can have the graphics read from your server by the recipient's mail software when the mail is opened.

Realtime Log Display
In order to keep track of each mail as it is being sent, you can have the mail log file displayed in real time in a separate window when sending. The log file is saved automatically at the end of each mailing.

Text Encoding
Mail Magic Professional provides you with a large number of text encoding options for sending your mailings. This means that you can send in almost any language.
Large number of text encoding options allows sending in multiple languages

Attachment Files
All types of files, such as movies, sound files, graphics etc can be sent as attachment files when using Mail Magic Professional. To add an attachment you just need to drag the file to the bottom of the main window.
HTML files sent as attachments will display in the recipients mail software as HTML, provided that an index.html file is included in the attachments.
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Powerful Database Features
In addition to regular editing functions, Mail Magic Professional also offers powerful checking and filtering features.
Easy-To-Use Mail Editing Functions
Even computer novices can create attractive e-mails with impact using Mail Magic Professional's easy-to-use e-mail editing functions.
Full Range of Mail Send Features
Multiple server registration, timer, automatic reconnection after server errors, bcc transmission and many more features make sending mail as simple as can be.
HTML Template Samples
A range of samples of the many HTML templates provided.
Create Your Own HTML Templates
Requirements, Purchase & Upgrades
For information on hardware/system requirements and purchasing, click below.
Purchase & Requirements
Demo Version Download
Download a free, fully functional demonstration version.
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