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Sending personalized mails to a large number of people can be an extremely time-consuming task if you use a regular mail software program. Using Mail Magic Professional's database and mail merge functions you can quickly and easily carry out customized mailings to your customers.

Data Import
Because you can import data from other programs such as Microsoft Outlook and MicroSoft Excel, you can fully utilize your current data resources, giving you more time to spend on desinging the content of your mails. Even if you don't own another database program, Mail Magic Professional's database functions make it easy to create new databases.
Load text files (.csv) & (.txt) and Excel files (.xls)
You can import or create up to 20 fields per record, making it easy to produce e-mails with highly personalized content.

Data Editing
Magic Professional's database provides a full-range of data handling features, from data input, editing and deletion to sorting and filtering.

Data Check
If your database happens to contain multiple records with the same e-mail address, you will end up sending multiple mails to the same person, not only inconveniencing your customer but also increasing the time required for transmission. Mail Magic Professional checks for multiple addresses and other data duplication so that you can avoid such problems.
Easily find and delete duplicate records
You can also check all the mail addresses in your database to ensure that they all contain the "@" mark and do not contain invalid characters such as commas which will prevent the mail being sent. By utilizing these features you can greatly simplify your data management tasks.

You can also create different groups for your data, simply by dragging records from the main database window. You can specify which group to send your mailing to, making it easy to target specific groups of customers.
Easily create groups by dragging from the main window

Data Filtering
One of Mail Magic Professional's most useful features is data filtering. Using filtering you can pick up only those records from your database that contain the data you require.
Filter data according to multiple conditions
For example, you might want to send a special offer to all female customers who live in a certain city. You can use Magic Professional's filtering funciton to pick up all the records that include "female" in the "Sex" field and the name of the city in the "Address" field. Then you simply mark all these fields to be sent by setting the "Send" flag and send the mail. Because all the other data still remains in the database there is no need for any data editing or importing different sets of data for different mailings.
If mails were not sent due to mail server error or some other reason they are marked and can be easily be resent later.

Maintain Multiple Databases
Magic Professional allows you to save multiple databases, making it easy to maintain different databases for different types of mailings. These saved database files contain all the information relating to the database, including group data.
You can also specify an database to be opened automatically each time Mail Magic Professional starts up.

Data Export
You can export the data from Magic Professional's database in CSV or Tab-delineated format so you can use it with other programs as well.

Auto Grouping
Mail Magic's powerful auto group feature lets you automatically assign database records to different group for easy data management. For example if you have a "Sex" field in your database record, you could automatically separat the records into "Male" and "Female" groups.
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Powerful Database Features
In addition to regular editing functions, Mail Magic Professional also offers powerful checking and filtering features.
Easy-To-Use Mail Editing Functions
Even computer novices can create attractive e-mails with impact using Mail Magic Professional's easy-to-use e-mail editing functions.
Full Range of Mail Send Features
Multiple server registration, timer, automatic reconnection after server errors, bcc transmission and many more features make sending mail as simple as can be.
HTML Template Samples
A range of samples of the many HTML templates provided.
Create Your Own HTML Templates
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