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HTML Template Samples

Mail Magic Professional contains over 200 templates, as well as backgrounds and clipart, to make it easy for you to create attractive HTML mails.

HTML Templates
Most templates can be used for any purpose by simply inserting new graphics and text.
  • Birthday Cards -- 22
  • Birth Notices -- 9
  • Business Use -- 68
  • Christmas Cards -- 46
  • Halloween -- 20
  • Multipurpose -- 9
  • Party Invitations -- 21
  • Valentine's Day -- 9
  • We've Moved Notices -- 8
HTML Template Samples

Clip Art Samples

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Powerful Database Features
In addition to regular editing functions, Mail Magic Professional also offers powerful checking and filtering features.
Easy-To-Use Mail Editing Functions
Even computer novices can create attractive e-mails with impact using Mail Magic's easy-to-use e-mail editing functions.
Full Range of Mail Send Features
Multiple server registration, timer, automatic reconnection after server errors, bcc transmission and many more features make sending mail as simple as can be.
HTML Template Samples
A range of samples of the many HTML templates provided.
Create Your Own HTML Templates
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