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Easy-To-Use Mail Editing Functions

Simply sending mails using the CC or BCC functions of your mail software does not allow you to customize your mails with personal details. Mail Magic Professional lets you insert personal details such as names and addresses into the text of the mail to create truly personal mails.

Creating Text Mail
Mail Magic Professional's most useful feature is the automatic insertion of data fields from the database into each mail. The example mail below was created by a company operating a site selling imported clothing to its members. By inserting data from the customer database the company is able to include details such as each member's name as well as their customer number and billing details in every mail.
Insert fields from database directly into mailings to customize the mail
Automatically create text frames and linesThere are a number of features provided to make creating text mails even easier, such as automatic line insertion (for creating decorative lines made up of different symbols), automatic framing, automatic letter count, and automatic linefeed insertion to set all the lines in your mail to the same length.

Easily Create HTML Mail
When sending e-mails to customers the message is obviously important, but plain text mails can look a little, well, plain. HTML mail allows you to use graphics as well as text of different colors and sizes in order to get your message across. Mail Magic Professional comes with a large number of HTML templates, as well as clipart, so that even novices can easily create attractive HTML mails.
Use the HTML wizard to easily create HTML mail
Mail Magic Professional also lets you send HTML mails that include graphics which are read from a remote server when the mail is received, so they do not have to be sent with each individual mail. This greatly speeds up the process of sending a large number of mails. All you have to do is specify the URL for each graphic. Of course you can insert data fields into HTML mail just like you can for text mail.
If you are familiar with the basics of HTML it is easy to create your own HTML wizard templates. See Create Your Own HTML Templates for details.
Those who like to create their own HTML code can create and send their own original HTML mails using Mail Magic Professional.

Convenient Preview Function
Mail Magic Professional's preview feature lets you check to see how each mail will look before sending. There is even a preview window for mobile phones to check how your mail would look on a small screen.
Preview mail for both computers and mobile phones

Mail Data Export
Mail Magic Professional lets you export both your HTML mail data and text mail data for use with other programs. Exported HTML mail data contains all the necessary HTML code and graphic data to display the mail faithfully using a browser, and so can be used "as is" on your home page.
Mails can also be saved as templates (without the database data) and easily recalled from the template list if you wish to reuse the mail content for another set of customers.

Handy Template Feature
You can save your mailings as templates which contain the body of the text and/or HTML mail, but do not contain any of the database data. This makes it easy to use mailings again and again for different target groups.

Mail Print Function
Both text mails and HTML mails can be printed so that you can keep a paper record of all your mailings.
Mails can also be saved as templates (without the database data) and easily recalled from the template list if you wish to reuse the mail content for another set of customers.
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Powerful Database Features
In addition to regular editing functions, Mail Magic Professional also offers powerful checking and filtering features.
Easy-To-Use Mail Editing Functions
Even computer novices can create attractive e-mails with impact using Mail Magic Professional's easy-to-use e-mail editing functions.
Full Range of Mail Send Features
Multiple server registration, timer, automatic reconnection after server errors, bcc transmission and many more features make sending mail as simple as can be.
HTML Template Samples
A range of samples of the many HTML templates provided.
Create Your Own HTML Templates
Requirements, Purchase & Upgrades
For information on hardware/system requirements and purchasing, click below.
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Demo Version Download
Download a free, fully functional demonstration version.
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